No Borders Investments Ltd.

    $1M to $100M equity investments.

    Our investments include former Virgin Group CEO Scott Duffy (USA)
    FishFishMe (UAE & USA), Jetsmart (India) and Voopter (Brazil)

Our Investments

  • Content.Market (USA)

    Easiest way to purchase content powering sites like "Launch" section on INC Magazine.

  • Voopter (Brazil)

    The #1 booking flight booking site in Brazil with over 10 Million monthly visitors.

  • FishFishMe (UAE & USA)

    The #1 fishing charter booking platform on the Internet. With Oman 90%, 70% in UAE and 100% Kuwai market share.

  • Jetsmart (India)

    The #1 jet charter booking platform in India allowing full or shared charter across aircraft types as soon as 4 hours.

  • Real Estate Investments (Switzerland)

    Prime real estate holdings including Champs-Élysées, Switzerland and London with upcoming investments in India.

  • Government Issuances

    First world government issuances with risk adjusted consistent returns are a select part of the portfolio.

We know what, when and where to invest.

A streamlined investment process maximizes time for all parties.

Step 1. Submit Business Plan and Financials
A detailed submission is followed by a detailed introductory call and discussion.
Step 2. Discussions & Term Sheet
Deeper discussions on product and company follow and conclude in a signed term sheet (key financial terms, type of investment, timelines...).
Step 3. Due Diligence and Investment Agreement
Detailed 360 degree due diligence will be conducted on the company, team, product, technology, legal, tax...) by experts in your specific industry. Concluding with a signed purchase agreement and Closing.

Our Managing Director, Mr. Abdulla Khalid

Mr. Abdulla Khalid is an internationally educated investor with a leadership positions in multi-billion dollar international investments, risk management and strategic planning.

Mr. Khalid has spent 15 years in various Qatari government positions (including as a former Air Force pilot) and most recently within strategic planning at the highest levels within Qatar.

Since 2007, he’s been the head of foreign investments for The Shawish group, a leading Doha group of companies, where he’s lead investments in over 10 countries and 6 asset classes generating audited double digit ROI’s. He’s also co-invested in funds, equities, currencies, materials, bonds and stocks with a leading Swiss bank. Mr. Khalid is also the CEO and Founder of NBI Investments, a Doha based early stage investment firm where he sits on the Advisory Board for Content Market (run by former Virgin Charter CEO Scott Duffy).

He is a graduate of the Royal Academy at Sandhurst in addition to a Bachelor in Systems Engineering also from the University of Manchester.

He is based in Doha and travels regularly for commitments to the USA, UK, Australia and Europe.

NBI Series B Investment in Voopter

Regional and global coverage in Voopter with Global Founders, the investment fund for Billionaire Samwer brothers.

Lusail Times (Arabic), a leading commercial Doha newspaper./

Al Wasat News and Argaam (a leading news portal).

Content.Market launches platform.

Content.Market launches easiest way to purchase business content platform.

NBI double digit portfolio growth for FY2016

NBI reports double digit portfolio growth for 2016.